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Math Solver Algebra Software is Available for You is one of the few websites that helps students in solving algebra online. Some uses math solver algebra and others follow the traditional method. It does not matter how difficult the algebra is, there are systematic steps and procedures to be followed while solving the problem The tutors at our site uses a math solver algebra software that shows all the necessary steps which must be followed in solving the algebra. Once you enter the problem at hand in the software, the software will generate unlimited number of examples and solve your problem systematically. The software can be used by both the tutors’ parents and the students.

The areas covered includes algebra 1and 2 as well as college algebra.

In algebra 1 the topic is taught at different grades starting from pre-K where algebra skill is organized in stages allowing you to click on the skill name where the sample question is displayed. The level of difficulty of the questions increases as your scores improves. At the kindergarten level, has a number of skills organized in to several categories. The topics covered includes numbers and counting up to 3 , followed by counting up to 5 , once the pupils have mastered this skill they are introduced to more complicated tasks like counting up to 20 and beyond. Other aspect taught at this level includes subtraction, positions, time money, sorting out and patterns.

When the learners move to grade 1 they are introduced to various skills that are also categorized to enable them grasp the concepts as fast as possible. At this stage, roman numerals are introduced with emphasis being placed on counting. Addition patterns and mixed operations. It should be noted that at this stage, fractions and estimations are introduced. Learners are also introduced to data and graphs including charts, pictures and tables.

At the second grade, lists of advanced skills are introduced. They are also arranged in such a way that they allow the learners build on what they learnt in the second grade. It is only at where the students are introduced to addition and subtraction of one digit number up to three digit number. The tutors at are more careful at this stage because this forms the backbone of mathematics and the impact of what has been learnt at this stage plays a vital role in shaping the attitude of learners towards mathematics. Other things taught at this grade include place values, estimation and rounding, logical reasoning time as well as the concept of money.

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