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The Best Way To Write Proper Solution Of Your Math Questions

You’ve finally figured out a solution to your math questions – congratulations! But don’t rejoice yet as if you’ve already answered the math problem. You aren’t finished. Whether you’re writing a solution for your homework, test or a competition, message board, it is also important that you can explain your solution clearly and legibly.
Why? Well, keep in mind that your answer will be shown your teacher, tutor, a math expert, mentor, and so on. These experts aren’t mind readers. So, you have to show them the right way of the solution.
More importantly, mathematics isn’t just about getting the correct answer. What thinking you did is the most important as well as how you solve the problem to get your answer. If your thinking and idea are innovative and brilliant, good for you. It’s also true that your brilliant idea will be valueless if you don’t communicate it with the brilliance.

What makes a perfect math solution? A perfect solution is one which doesn’t require your examiner to think hard. Your thinking should be expressed in exam paper in a clear and concise manner. Once a examiner looks at your solution flow, he/she will proceed from one part to the next part without any problem.
Before writing solution of your math questions, it is important to make a plan how the problem will be solved. If you’ve enough time, you should start with the easier problem then go for the hard problems of the questions. Know what you’ve to assume, define, and know the how you’ll present the important aspects in your math solution. Try to make your answer paper neat and clean. Proper spacing, margins, observing one-line-one-equation, and so on, can make your answer pleasing to the eyes. If it is possible than answer in print and always avoid cursive paragraphs.

Remember that a picture can express a thousand words. If you’re writing out a mechanics or geometry solution, always include a free body diagram. It is easy to describe the solution, as long as they’re drawn precisely. That can also save you from a wordy explanation.

Never forget to check the solution and edit if need. Determine whether you’ve communicated the explanation you thought of devoid of any gaps. Your examiner must get your point as well as know exactly what you wanted to mean. Check your inequalities and equations. If you follow these suggestions then you can solve your math questions very easily and in a precious way.

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